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by | Jul 26, 2019 | Lawyers

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration estimates that in 2014, 4,586 people died in motorcycle crashes and 92,000 were injured. Though this estimate is down from 2013, motorcycles remain as the most dangerous mode of transportation, exceeding passenger death rates of cars, planes, trains, boats, and busses. By their very nature motorcyclists are more likely to sustain more serious injuries than car passengers when involved in a crash. Motorcyclists are virtually free of any solid protection beside the kind they wear. Yet, regardless of how dangerous motorcycling is, victims of a crash can still be compensated for their injuries.

Find A Lawyer In Milwaukee

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident the first thing you should do after treating your injuries is hire a Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer to assess your options. You may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering but you need an experienced professional to help organize your case. A motorcycle accident lawyer will serve as a liaison between you, the other party involved in the accident, and the insurance company to make sure you are awarded a fair compensation package. They can also refer you to a medical professional so that you receive the best care possible. An experienced Milwaukee motorcycle accident lawyer like one at Shea Law Group will fight tirelessly to make sure your pain and suffering do not go unrecognized. The amount of compensation you receive will depend on several variables of losses suffered.

  • Special Damages – exact calculation
    • Actual medical cost to treat injuries
    • Any past, present, and future lost earnings and earning capacity
    • Losses due to damage to the motorcycle
  • Pain and Suffering Damages – estimate
    • These damages exceed simple compensation
    • Meant to compensate for the pain and suffering of the victim

Calculating all the different kinds of damages incurred from the accident in addition to determining and proving liability, which is often not clear cut, makes motorcycle accident cases difficult. However, with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer the process is easier and your case will have a greater chance of success.

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