Personal Injury Attorneys in Ogden, UT Help Clients Assert Their Rights

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Attorney

Victims of accidents have rights, but asserting them can be a challenging thing to do on their own, especially if the victim was seriously hurt in the accident. If the criminal justice system is also involved, it can be even more difficult for a victim to be heard. Instead of trying to navigate a complex legal system while also trying to recover from injuries, an accident victim should consult with personal injury attorneys in Ogden, UT as soon as possible.

Victim Rights

The right that may be most important to accident victims initially is their right to medical care. People who are injured in accidents that were the fault of someone else should not delay medical treatment, regardless of whether they have personal health insurance. The responsible party’s insurance should cover the costs of medical treatment. An injured person merely needs to inform the emergency room staff that they were hurt in an accident to ensure the claim is billed to the appropriate party.

Victims also have the right to financial compensation. Insurance companies know this and often rush to make a settlement offer. These offers are typically substantially less than what the victim is really entitled to and may not take into account future lost income or medical expenses. Accepting an early offer could result in an accident victim forfeiting their right to additional compensation. Consulting personal injury attorneys in Ogden, UT prior to accepting an offer could help an accident victim avoid making a costly mistake.

Asserting Rights

Victims of serious accidents need to focus on their recovery, not fighting for their rights. This is why hiring an attorney early is so important. An experienced attorney from Business Name could support a client throughout the claim process to ensure they are treated fairly. Insurance companies care about numbers, not victims. Hiring an attorney is often the only way a victim can get the compensation they need.

Although victims have rights, they aren’t necessarily easy to assert. There are time limits to filing, and when a person is seriously hurt, they could miss the deadlines if they don’t have a lawyer to guide them.

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