Protecting a Person’s Interests Before Meeting with a Brain Injury Attorney

If a person or a family member has suffered a brain injury, it is important to quickly become aware of the legal and medical help that is available. Finding all the available resources and expertise can ensure that a person receives the best medical care and legal advice to protect their interests.

Before meeting with a brain injury attorney, there are several things to know.

  • Seek competent medical help from a physician who is up to date with the latest research and technology to assess the brain. There are many new discoveries related to brain injury, so it is important to seek experts in the area.
  • Find an attorney that is aware of the effects of cognitive reserve caused by a traumatic injury to the brain. Every individual has an amount of brain matter that will protect them against such diseases as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and traumatic brain injuries. When a person experiences a brain injury, they will lose brain cells or cognitive reserve. It is important to seek an attorney that is cognizant of this concept so that they can explain to the insurance company about it.
  • When the insurance company contacts a person, they need to be very careful what they say to them. The insurance company will record the conversation and use it against the individual later to prove that nothing is wrong with them. They will seek evidence of drug or medicine use and will go through a person’s trash to find information against them.
  • If a person was in a car accident, they should obtain photos of the vehicle. Make sure that the vehicle is not taken away by the insurance company to be crushed or sold.
  • Determine if there are witnesses that were present before or after the incident. They cannot be family members, but other individuals that have seen the changes and suffering undergone after the accident.
  • Any engagement on social media by the individual or their family will be monitored by the insurance company as they seek evidence to disprove the validity of the accident.

A brain injury is a lifelong, debilitating issue, so it is crucial to seek the right medical treatment and attorney. To find the right representation. Their brain injury attorney will help a person transition from despair to hope by providing the proper legal assistance.

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