Reasons to Consider Hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Georgetown, DE

When a loved one is no longer capable of living alone, one approach is to find a comfortable nursing home complete with a staff who can provide the level of care needed. In most instances, this arrangement works out to the benefit of the patient. When there is some reason to believe that things are not as they should be, hiring a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Georgetown DE is a wise move. Here are some examples that indicate a word with a lawyer is in order.

Changes in Demeanor

When loved ones visit and find the demeanor of the patient has changed abruptly, that should be a cause for alarm. Assuming the patient is not being sedated, or there has been no recent health scare, a patient who was once happy to receive guests and now wants to withdraw from the world could be the victim of some type of abuse. A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Georgetown DE can provide some suggestions on how to investigate the matter more thoroughly and determine if the patient is being subjected to mental or physical abuse.

Unexplained Injuries

Over the last couple of months, the patient seems to have quite a few minor accidents. They are typically explained away by things like accidentally tripping over something in the common room, slipping in the shower, or running into a door frame. While anyone can sustain a bruise or two from time to time, a series of events in a short time frame could mean something other than accidents are taken place.

Whispered Cries for Help

Nursing home residents who are being abused often keep the fact to themselves out of fear of some type of retribution. If the patient should whisper a cry for help during a visit, it pays to say very little out loud. Arrange to check out the resident for a weekend stay, and then extend if for a few more days. During that time, see a lawyer and encourage the loved one to provide details about what is happening. The lawyer will take things from there.

For anyone who suspects a loved one is being treated with anything less than respect, browse our website and learn more about the warning signs. With the right legal counsel, the situation can be corrected quickly.

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