Reasons to Contact a Hospital Negligence Attorney in Pontiac, MI

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Michigan, all hospitals are required to provide the highest standard of care possible. They must follow specific rules and regulations to keep all patients safe and out of harm’s way. They must also follow protocol based on these regulations and rules to prevent accidents and dangerous medical errors. The following are reasons why victims need to contact a hospital negligence attorney in Pontiac MI.

Failing to Document Allergies

All patient information is updated throughout their stay in the hospital. Proper protocol for utilizing hospital information systems requires the staff to gather preliminary details about the patient. Among the most basic of these details are allergies. Patients who are allergic to medications and medical supplies can develop harmful if not life-threatening conditions when exposed to these items. If a patient dies due to a failure to record these allergies, the hospital is liable.

Providing Ineffective Medications

Updated information about medical treatment for thousands of conditions is available through the hospital’s database. If doctors fail to review these details, they are more likely to provide ineffective medication. If a better treatment was available, the doctor is liable if the patient’s condition worsens.

Creating Surgical Errors

Surgical errors may include, but are not limited to, cutting arteries, puncturing organs, and causing brain damage. Any error that presents irreversible conditions, disfigurements and avoidable broken bones are also included in these events. When these conditions aren’t a known risk of the procedure, the hospital and the doctor are liable.

Undertrained and Inexperienced Doctors

Doctors who lack the necessary skills, medical training and credentials aren’t allowed to perform certain procedures. If it is a training hospital, the supervising or attending surgeon must oversee the procedure to prevent these outcomes. If these conditions aren’t prevented, the attending and the hospital will face a lawsuit.

In Michigan, hospitals and doctors are required by federal laws to provide high-quality health care. These laws enforce regulations that are connected to each patient and each case. When medical errors occur, the patient is within their rights to file a legal claim. Patients who need to speak to a hospital negligence attorney in Pontiac, MI can contact us for more information now.

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