Reasons to Hire Traffic Lawyers in Syracuse NY

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Lawyers

Getting a traffic citation is an annoying and expensive ordeal. That’s why about nine out of ten people choose to pay the fine rather than fight it in court. However, what these people may not know is that paying the ticket can sometimes be more expensive than contesting it. Because of an increase in auto insurance rates and points on the driver’s record that come with getting most tickets, it may be in the driver’s best interest to hire an attorney. Below are several reasons to have legal representation when fighting a traffic ticket.

Attorneys Know the Law and All its Technicalities

There are many technicalities that experienced traffic lawyers in Syracuse NY can use to get citations reduced or dismissed. Experience lawyer who can handle traffic tickets will greatly increase the chances of a dismissal. An attorney can request a trial by declaration, and if the officer does not respond by a certain time, the ticket can be dismissed.

Courtroom Representation

It can be disruptive and inconvenient to appear in court to fight a traffic ticket. However, a traffic lawyer can go to the hearing without the client needing to attend. This can save the client the trouble of spending the day in court and the expense of missing work.

Reduced Charges

If a driver pays a fine without contesting the charges, they accept a guilty plea and will get a conviction on their record. However, many drivers did not know that they may be able to keep the conviction off of their record even if they admit guilt, depending on their driving history. If a client has a relatively clean history, their attorney can argue for traffic classes instead of a recorded conviction.

A Less Expensive Option

The cost of a traffic citation does not stop with the fine. In addition to the base charge, most states charge penalty assessment fees. In many cases, a conviction will also increase a driver’s auto insurance rates. However, an attorney may be the cheaper option in these cases.

If someone receives a ticket for a traffic infraction, they can contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer today. Traffic lawyers in Syracuse NY are confident that they can help clients achieve the best possible outcome. today to schedule a consultation with a local traffic attorney.

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