Reasons to Seek the Services of a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Reasons to Seek the Services of a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Being let go from a job is difficult for anyone. The situation is even harder to handle when there is a suspicion the action occurred due to circumstances, not in line with current employment laws. If any of these situations seem to be the underlying cause of the firing, it makes sense to see help from a Wrongful Termination Lawyer.

Retaliation by the Employer

If the employer chooses to fire the employee as a response to calling attention to something not in line with current business laws, seeking advice from a Wrongful Termination Lawyer is the way to go. For example, the employee went to Human Resources and filed a formal complaint about harassment in the workplace. Instead of investigating the claim, the employer chose to let the employee go. In this scenario, the employee has legal grounds to take action against the employer and the individual who exhibited the inappropriate behavior.

Dismissal for Exercising a Legal Right

In many jurisdictions, employers do not have the right to terminate employment if the individual is exercising a legal right. This means the employer may not fire the employee because the individual refused to tell an untruth to an official who is currently investigating a claim of illegal activity on the part of the business owner. Should the employee be let go for choosing to operate within the limits of the law, seeking legal counsel is the next logical step?


Should the former employee have reason to believe the dismissal was for anything along the lines of age, disability, gender, or similar aspects, there is a good chance the individual has grounds for filing a wrongful termination suit. A lawyer can take a good look at the events leading up to the dismissal and determine if there is evidence of some type of discrimination. If so, filing suit is the only right thing to do.

Don’t assume nothing can be done when an individual is fired for what appears to be reasons other than job performance. Contact the team at Britton Law Offices LLC today and arrange to meet with an attorney. Doing so could be the first step in ensuring the former employee does not suffer because of the actions of the employer.

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