Responsibly Dealing with Unsecured Debts

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Lawyers

One of the biggest problems that face people when it comes to debt usually isn’t debt that was incurred because of purchasing a home or purchasing an automobile. Instead, it’s issues with unsecured debt. These unsecured debts, typically in the form of credit cards, can become paralyzing. Sometimes people use credit cards irresponsibly and get themselves into trouble. In other situations, emergency situations arise which require a person to use credit cards to fix a car or pay a medical bill. In any case, it’s not hard to see how the situation can get out of control quickly.

Many people think that in order to deal with out-of-control credit card debts, the best option is to file for bankruptcy. While in some situations this may be true, typically, bankruptcy should be a last resort. With the long-term and far-reaching implications that bankruptcy has on a person’s ability to get affordable financing for a car or home, trying to work with the owners of the unsecured debt that a person has accumulated is the best option.

An excellent way to do this is by visiting a website like website While this website offers assistance in filing for bankruptcy, it can also help an individual find a solution to their unsecured debt problem. In many cases, an attorney can represent an individual by negotiating with creditors in order to work out repayment terms. There are some instances where credit card companies will lower interest rates or eliminate interest rates completely in order to help a person repay their debt. This may result in the account being closed, but it can be paid off rather than the debt moving forward into collections and even further damaging a person’s credit.

There are many options that a person has when it comes to dealing with unsecured debts. While bankruptcy may be an option for certain people, it’s not something that is or should be the first consideration. By having an attorney representing you to your creditors, you may find yourself in a very desirable position of being able to renegotiate your debt so that it can be paid off in a timely fashion. This not only satisfies your creditors, it helps avoid undue damage to your credit score.

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