Reviewing Details About Bail Bonding in Keller, TX

by | May 9, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

Bail bonding in Keller, TX is an effective way to help criminal defendants get out of jail when they don’t have enough money to pay their bail. Bonds are available at any time and could reduce how long the defendant stays in jail.

Protection Against Higher Than Average Fees

The 8th amendment to the Bill of Rights prevents bail bondsmen from overcharging for bail bonds. The law requires the bondsmen to keep their fees within the standard value and avoid overcharging or price gouging criminal defendants. The standard fees are between ten and fourteen percent depending on where the defendant is located.

Representation at the Arraignment

Bail bondsmen cannot act as an attorney during the arraignment, but they can negotiate the bail. Through negotiations, the bail bondsmen get the bail lowered to a more reasonable amount. In some cases, the court releases the defendant into the bondsman’s custody to ensure that the defendant will appear on their court date.

Setting Up the Payment

The defendant sets up the payment via the county jail or through a representative. The county jail may allow the criminal defendant to access their personal belongings to issue a payment to their bail bondsman. However, in most cases, a legal representative provides the payment to the bondsman.

Can Bail Bondsmen Visit the Defendant at the Jail?

Yes, select county jails allow the bail bondsman to visit and talk to the criminal defendant. The bondsman can make arrangements for the criminal defendant to get out of jail. Bondsmen work with the county jail to get all documents delivered to the appropriate parties after the bond fee is paid. Select bondsmen help defendants get out of jail on weekends when possible.

In Texas, bail bonds are an affordable choice for defendants who can’t pay their entire bail. These are secured by paying a fee or providing collateral. Bondsmen provide assistance whenever possible for defendants during arraignments. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about what to expect from bail bonding in Keller, TX and need quick jail can contact us right now.

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