Reviewing Options with Mediation Lawyers in Temecula

Reviewing Options with Mediation Lawyers in Temecula

In California, divorce cases could become complex when marital estates are larger than average. Couples that face difficulties don’t usually reach an agreement immediately. However, they could utilize an alternative to a trial to settle their grievances. Mediation lawyers in Temecula aid the couple by starting negotiations.

Settling Property Division Issues

Mediation gives the couple a chance to negotiate on property division. Typically, property division is based on the total value of the marital estate. Each spouse receives an equal share of the estate. The division of assets starts with real estate and monetary assets. When negotiating, the couple may identify certain assets that have sentimental value to each of them. To obtain a certain asset, a spouse may offer a different asset of equal monetary value.

Creating a Parenting Plan

Child custody and support are often the sources of disputes. The parents should approach negotiations based on a fair and reasonable plan. The work schedule of each parent is a starting point. The plan should provide equal time with the child and adequate support to accommodate the needs of the child. Some compromises are made if the couple doesn’t live in the same city or school district.

Taxes and Debts

Debts produced prior to the marriage are the responsibility of the account holder. However, during the marriage, debts are often established as a joint venture. In a divorce case, debts are separated according to how the debts were accumulated and who benefited from them.

Outstanding tax liabilities are divided in half and require each party to pay their share. However, if only one spouse was/is working, the taxpayer is responsible for the tax payments. When filing tax returns in the future, the couple must establish which party may claim the children.

In California, mediation is a series of meetings between the couple and their respective legal counsel. It gives the couple an outlet to settle their disputes without a divorce trial. Together they can work out these differences and finalize their divorce sooner. Couples who need to set up the meetings can contact mediation lawyers in Temecula through the Law Office of Michelle Penna or visit the website for further details now.

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