Seeking Help From an Attorney After Experiencing A Sexual Assault

by | Nov 5, 2020 | General Law

When sexual experiences occur that are unwanted or that are associated with abuse, you might need to seek the assistance of an attorney. When you meet with an attorney, try to have copies of any medical documents or police reports with you to make filing a claim a bit easier and faster.


If an employer asks that you perform sexual acts in exchange for a raise or promotion or an employer sexually mistreats you, then you could benefit from hiring a sexual assault lawyer in Austin. An attorney can review the company’s policies about sexual harassment and assault to determine what kind of compensation you could receive and the impact the incident would have on the employer.

Domestic Incidents

Even if you’re married to someone, sexual assault and abuse can occur. This is often the time when you might need to make a decision to leave the person who is committing the acts against you. A sexual assault lawyer in Austin can help you file charges and a claim against the person whether it’s a spouse, family member, or significant other. You would need to provide as much information as possible about the incidents that have occurred, such as when they first started and any threats that have been made in regards to reporting the incidents.


Sometimes, there are more people who can be included in the claim that you file aside from the person who commits the sexual act. Business owners, other family members, or instructors could be included if they have information about the incident and try to keep it quiet.

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