Services Offered By A Landlord-Tenant Lawyer In Oakland

Services Offered By A Landlord-Tenant Lawyer In Oakland

The relationship between a landlord and tenant is usually friendly and amicable, but there are times when disputes between the property owner and tenant lead to the need for proper, professional legal mediation.

Landlords have rights, but they also have obligations – and the same goes for tenants. Landlord and tenant law exists to handle the unique and subtle balance between the two, and ensure that, no matter what, both parties at the end of the day get what the law entitles them to.

Services to Look For

Law firms like Elke & Merchant exist to give you the legal means through landlord-tenant law in Oakland to deal with several issues in your dealings with your landlords or tenants, such as:

  • Forcing eviction of a tenant.
  • Forcing repairs through a landlord.
  • In-depth contract review.
  • Ending a lease before the agreed upon date.
  • And more.

Finding a Quality Landlord-Tenant Attorney to Represent You

Most quality local law firms explicitly detail the extent of their practice’s capabilities to help you settle your case, and serve justice, but those that go the extra step of the way do so by displaying an excellent reputation, providing detailed testimonials of successful cases, and giving you all the information and resources you could possibly need to understand the step-by-step of settling a case of your kind and magnitude, so you have a better idea of what’s most likely going to happen, and how to deal with it.

In most disputes, simply talking with your landlord or tenant will be enough. In other cases, like when you’re being discriminated against, evicted without proper cause or notice, or if your tenant is engaging in blatant property damage and wanton destruction or disturbances, then as per Nolo you are entitled to lawyer up and get the Oakland landlord-tenant law on your side as quickly as possible.

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