Services Offered by an Estate Planning Attorney

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Legal Services

An Estate Planning Attorney will provide services that help their clients in protecting their assets and ensuring that all treatment and health care wishes are met. Estate planning involves the accumulation and disposal of all assets so that they are given to the proper beneficiaries without any type of unwanted financial consequences. Essentially, a probate lawyer will provide a client with legal insurance for their estate.

Specific services offered by an Estate Planning Attorney include:

* Ensuring the greatest amount of a person’s estate goes to the intended beneficiaries

* Establishing trusts for any minor children

* Designating a guardian for minor children

* Ensuring certain people receive certain items

* Planning for a person’s incapacity

* Avoiding or working to reduce the need for probate

* Paying the least amount possible in taxes

Services of estate planning will also include preparing a will, the completion of a living trust, creation of the power of attorney and any other advance directive documents that may have to be established. The preparation of living trusts and a will can help to ensure that a person’s estate will be distributed according to their plans and instructions. The attorney hired would also help in minimizing taxes, shielding assets from any creditors and helping a person’s estate avoid probate.

Contrary to popular belief, it is never too early to plan a person’s estate. When this is done, it provides peace of mind that if something does happen, a person’s wishes will be carried out as they desire.

The fact is, estate planning can be quite complicated since there are a number of courses of action that can be selected. The lawyer who is hired will be able to help ensure their client’s wishes and plans are executed as they wish, which provides peace of mind for the person, as well as less stress on the family after they pass away.

Take some time to learn why this is such an important process. Doing this will provide a person with peace of mind and ensure that their last wishes are carried out. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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