Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

by | Apr 30, 2016 | Lawyers

If you can believe the statistics then hiring an attorney to help with you apply for Social Security disability in Missouri may be the way to go. The majority of all disability claims are denied at the outset and again when the application is put forward for reconsideration.

If the application and the request for reconsideration are both denied then the claim will be heard by an administrative law judge. It is at this stage of appeal that having an attorney can make a world of difference. Although no attorney can guarantee success what he or she can do is to guarantee that your case will be well developed long before the date of the hearing.

Develop the case:

Knowing how to prepare for the hearing is not something that a typical claimant would know, however, an attorney that focuses his or her practice on Social Security disability in Missouri most certainly does. The better attorneys will have had a number of years experience handling disability claims on behalf of clients. The attorney knows the questions to ask your physician and what questions to expect during the hearing.

The fees that a Social Security attorney can charge are fixed and the attorney works on contingency. As a result he or she will work extremely hard and do what has to be done to ensure the best chance of a successful outcome.

Can you win without an attorney?

Yes. It is possible to win a disability case without the assistance of an attorney but the odds of success are very much lower than they would be if you hired a seasoned attorney from the outset. As an applicant you should weight the risk associated with going it alone, especially since it takes so long to reach the hearing stage; when you finally get the hearing you want to be in the best position to win your claim. Contact Grundy Disability Group LLC Attorney at law for more details.

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