Should You Hire Accident Lawyers in Palm Springs, CA, to Handle Your Injury Claim?

Should You Hire Accident Lawyers in Palm Springs, CA, to Handle Your Injury Claim?

Is it always necessary to hire accident lawyers in Palm Springs, CA, to settle a personal injury claim? Are there personal injury claims that the average person could successfully handle on their own? The answer depends entirely upon the severity of the injury.

Soft Tissue vs. Hard Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries would include minor cuts and bruises, headaches and less severe cases of whiplash. If the injury is expected to fully heal within a reasonably short time, many people can handle the claim themselves. Generally, soft tissue injury cases settle out of court.

Hard tissue injuries include any permanent injury or scarring, broken bones, organ damage, herniated discs and other serious injuries. Hiring an attorney is the best choice and may be the only choice. When there is a substantial claim, the insurance company may strongly prefer to deal with an attorney. This type of case may settle before trial or go before a judge.

A Claim can be Handled without an Attorney When:

In these four instances, most people could probably handle their own claim:

* When there are soft tissue injuries, well on the way to being healed or healed;
* When there is clear liability and the only item to settle is the amount of compensation. The insurance company will begin with their lowest offer and you won’t know whether it is fair. Before signing anything, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney who will know the value of the claim.
* When you are able to invest the time and energy to settle the claim. It can be a lot of work.
* When no attorney will take the case.

You Need an Attorney for a Personal Injury Case When:

In these instances, an attorney will be necessary.

* When the injuries are serious or permanent.
* When the case will involve large upfront costs, technical expertise and litigation.
* When a lawsuit is filed.
* When you can become part of a class-action suit.
* When the claim is against local, state or federal government.
* When the insurance company is not acting in good faith.

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