Signs You Need to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Injuries happen, both on the road and on public properties. If you’ve been injured but you’re not sure what you can do about it, it might be helpful for you to understand what a personal injury is and when it requires legal action.

Car Accidents

Insurance companies are supposed to resolve disputes between drivers who get into car accidents with each other but they don’t always resolve everything. For instance, you might get injured in a car accident and get whiplash. The other driver’s insurance company will immediately attempt to limit your claim since they don’t want to pay more than the minimum. By getting a personal injury lawyer involved, however, you can attempt to get more compensation for your injury.

Slipping and Falling

Personal injuries can also occur on public property. Suppose that you enter a grocery store and accidentally slip on a puddle of water. This isn’t your fault since the store should have cleaned up their spill or at least warned you about the wet floor with a sign. In some circumstances, a slip and fall could merit a personal injury claim. If you think you might be eligible for a claim, you should reach out to your local personal injury lawyer right away.

If you currently do not have a lawyer, you can always contact a trusted legal firm such as the Law Offices of Kenneth E Lyon III to learn more about your eligibility to make a personal injury claim.

Act Sooner Rather Than Later

There is a statute of limitations when it comes to taking legal action in the form of a lawsuit. Depending on the type of injury that you’ve incurred, you’ll have anywhere from six months to six years to take legal action. The statute of limitations often depends on the type of injury. If you’ve recently been injured, you might not have much time to act so be sure to get a consultation from a lawyer right away.

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