Social Security Lawyers in Melbourne FL Help Clients Through the Appeals Process

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Lawyers

Bills don’t stop when a person loses their source of income. Unfortunately, many people lose their jobs because they are too sick or injured to work. Without a stable source of income, these individuals have to depend on others for support. After their savings is depleted and their family no longer has the resources to help, they could become homeless. The social security system is in place to help provide financial support to those who cannot work due to an illness or injury that is expected to last more than a year. However, for some people, the system is hard to navigate, and after a denial or two, they give up.

Instead of accepting homelessness and public assistance as a way of life, people who should qualify for disability benefits should consult Social Security Lawyers in Melbourne FL. Attorneys who focus on helping clients get the disability benefits they deserve may have knowledge of the application and approval process they can use to help their clients cut through some of the red tape, that prevents qualified individuals from getting disability benefits in a timely manner. The time period between an initial application and the first payment could be as long as several years for someone who doesn’t have an experienced attorney by their side. Visit here for more details.

Many people who apply for disability benefits have their initial application denied for various reasons. Many times, it’s because the application wasn’t complete. Social Security Lawyers in Melbourne FL could review the application before an applicant submits it to help them avoid this problem and get their information reviewed right away. If the Social Security Administration denies the claim, a law firm like Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille could represent their client in appeal hearing to help get the claim approved and payments to the disabled person started.

Waiting for approval on a disability claim could be stressful. An experienced attorney may answer questions about the process and help a client find resources that could help them while they wait for a final approval of their disability claim. Whether it takes three months or three years, an attorney who understands the appeals process can be invaluable to a disabled client.

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