Some Frequent Causes of Commercial Trucking Accidents in Bowie

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Lawyers

Although recent federal regulations requiring electronic tracking of truck driver mileage are helping to reduce fatigue-related collisions, Trucking Accidents in Bowie are still a serious problem. Fatigue had long been one of the most common factors in these collisions, as drivers were able to write up fictitious logs of their hours worked and the miles they drove. Electronic tracking prevents that.

Delay of Equipment Maintenance

Sometimes these collisions are caused by the trucking company not adequately maintaining the equipment to save money, at least temporarily. If the driver is aware that something is wrong with the vehicle, this individual is under strong pressure from the employer to pretend that everything is fine and to do the job as scheduled. As a result, tires blow out brakes fail, steering components malfunction and other problems occur that can cause accidents.

Pressure on Drivers by Employers

Drivers also feel a lot of pressure to make pickups and deliveries on time even when that is nearly impossible to do. That may compel them to act aggressively on the road, impatient with drivers of passenger cars who aren’t traveling fast enough to suit them. They may try to change lanes when doing so is unsafe to pass other vehicles. They may follow too closely behind a passenger car in an attempt to bully the driver into speeding up.

Serious Consequences

Trucking Accidents in Bowie are relatively uncommon, but when they do occur, they pose a much larger risk for serious injuries and even fatalities. Long-term disability, financial difficulties, and emotional trauma can be some of the consequences when a commercial truck collides with a passenger car. When a person is killed in this type of incident, the family faces that person’s loss of income along with the need to pay funeral expenses.

Someone who has been injured in this type of collision or has lost a family member may contact an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group to discuss the possibility of legal representation. Personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and generally do not charge retainer fees, only accepting payment after a settlement or court award has been paid to the client.

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