Talk to a Criminal Defense Law Attorney in Pocatello, ID If You Are Involved in a White-Collar Crime

Not every crime involves the presence of a smoking gun. White collar crimes, for example, are criminal activities that are performed in business venues. Therefore, the crimes are generally committed for financial gain. Crimes of this nature involve the following: bribery, extortion, embezzlement, cybercrime, and fraud.

In the above instances, the federal government can prosecute the person charged with the crime as well as the company at which he or she works.

Talk to an Attorney Immediately If You Are Charged with Fraud

In the case of fraud, this type of business misrepresentation cannot be automatically assumed unless certain elements are present. That is why if you are charged with fraud, you need to talk to a criminal defense law attorney in Pocatello, ID. He or she can review your case and advise you on how to proceed.

What Elements Must Be Present

Elements that must be present in instances of fraud include the following:

* A false statement of a material fact happened.
* The defendant was aware that the statement was false.
* The defendant intended to make the false statement.
* The victim relied on the statement as being true.
* The victim suffered a loss because a false statement was made.

How an Attorney Can Help

However, a criminal defense law attorney can also show that a false statement of fact is not necessarily a fraudulent act. In other words, the statement must be deemed a material fact. When this occurs, the statement carried such import that the fact alone was used by a victim to make a major decision.

Again, speak to a criminal defense attorney about your case and options. That way, you can see what course you can take in order to defend your activity. Use a recognized and successful legal defense approach. Contact us today for further details or an initial consultation.

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