The Advantages of Using Workers’ Comp Attorneys in Collinsville, IL

The Advantages of Using Workers’ Comp Attorneys in Collinsville, IL

When individuals get hurt at work, a type of insurance is usually supposed to kick in known as workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage is provided by the company at no expense to the employee and is supposed to cover wages while the employee is out of work for a work-related injury. There are workers comp’ attorneys in Collinsville, IL who can advise people who are having problems getting paid their workers’ compensation, or those whose compensation is being unnecessarily delayed. Here are some things to understand about workers’ compensation in Illinois.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Illinois

When the injury occurs at work, the employee has a responsibility to report it in a timely manner (usually within 24 hours), otherwise, there may be some delay. The employee must also see the appropriate doctors to verify the work-related injury, and attend all physical therapy that might have to be done. The workers’ compensation review board may decide to withhold the benefits or deny them if every step is not followed as prescribed. If something else goes wrong that causes a delay or denial, the employee may have to hire a lawyer.

Other Things to Understand About Workers’ Compensation Law in Illinois

An employee has the right to select their own physician for the work-related injury, but it might be essential for the employee to see another physician if the workers’ compensation review board requires so. When the compensation has been delayed or denied, it can be a very complex situation for the employee to try to handle on their own. It is best to secure an attorney who is familiar with the way the law works in Illinois.

Who to Call in Illinois

The Law Office of Keith Short has been providing legal solutions to people in the Collinsville, Illinois area for a long period of time. In addition to workers’ compensation issues, the law office also practices law in personal injury cases such as wrongful deaths, slips and falls, nursing home accidents, and others. If a person needs to consult with workers’ comp attorneys in Collinsville, IL, this law office is available.

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