The Duties of a Criminal Litigation Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

by | Jan 2, 2018 | Lawyers

Crimes are committed every day. According to the FBI, there are about 12 million arrests made every year. Each person arrested is offered the same options as any other, as an individual has the option to hire a lawyer or to talk to the police without one. Many people choose the latter, thinking that if they don’t get a lawyer, no one will think they are guilty. This is a mistake as, even if the person in question is innocent, they need to be represented by a Criminal Litigation Lawyer in Cincinnati OH.

The Job of the Police

Policemen and women aren’t mind readers. They follow the evidence that leads them to an arrest. It’s unfortunate but, sometimes, the evidence can point in multiple directions, and the police have to do their best to make a proper arrest. They will then follow certain interrogation techniques in an effort to get a confession. Once they’ve read the Miranda rights to the suspect, anything said can be used against that person even if they say something they don’t realize is incriminating. This can lead to a conviction of an innocent person.

The Job of the Lawyer

A Criminal Litigation Lawyer in Cincinnati OH isn’t present to keep their client from talking. Their job is to make sure the client doesn’t say anything that can incriminate them. Lawyers aren’t the devils depicted on TV. They do care if a criminal is caught, but their first job is protecting their client. This means any question that could lead to their client being taken to court might be quashed. At the end of the day, the lawyer’s job is to ensure their client’s rights are protected and they aren’t railroaded into confessing to a crime they didn’t commit (or confessing to a crime they did commit).

If you’ve been arrested, you may think that helping the police is your number one priority. If you know the guilty party, say so, but outside of that, it’s important you protect yourself by hiring a lawyer. Having a lawyer doesn’t indicate your guilt, but it does ensure you don’t end up saying something that can hurt you when you’re being questioned. If you are looking for a lawyer, visit website and schedule a consultation to see if they’re the right lawyers for you.

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