The Importance of Retaining an Experienced Probate Lawyer to Represent You

You have specific plans for how you would like your estate to be handled after you are gone. The idea of allowing the state to seize and divide up your property after your death can be rather galling. You want the opportunity to name your heirs and dictate how your assets and money are doled out to them.

The opportunity to dictate your final will and testament occurs while you are still in good health and have a rational mindset. You can work with an experienced probate attorney in Moline, IL, to create a valid will that will be filed with the local court after you pass away.

Naming Your Heirs

When you hire a skilled probate attorney in Moline, IL, you can name in your will whom you would like to be the heirs to your estate. If you pass on without a will, the state will name your heirs for you.

If you have no next of kin, the state will sell off your estate and use the money to settle your final expenses. It will then take possession of the remainder of your money.

Your probate attorney can make sure that the people or organizations that you name in your will receive the inheritance that you leave them from your estate. Your will prevents the state from taking possession of your money and assets.

Dictating Your Final Plans

You also can use your will as a way to express how you would like your funeral to be planned. You can name the funeral home that you want to use as well as where you would like to be buried. You can stipulate that part of your life insurance goes to cover these expenses.

A final will and testament can safeguard your estate. Your probate attorney can execute it after you are gone.

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