The Role of a Custody Attorney in Martinsburg, WV

by | Dec 26, 2017 | Attorney

Getting a divorce can be brutal, but it can often get worse when there are child custody issues that need to be resolved. These issues can be some of the most contentious aspects of a separating or divorcing couple. In some instances, the best thing for a parent looking to become the primary caregiver for the child or children is to retain a custody attorney in Martinsburg, WV.

Petitioning for Caregiver Status

There are many things a custody attorney will do, but chief among them is working for their clients to help them attain the status of primary caregiver for a child or children. These situations can be quite challenging and there is often a great deal of emotion. This emotion can often spill out during custody related negotiations.

However, an attorney can help represent their clients no matter how emotional the issues get. In most cases, these negotiations can lead to an agreement between both parties, whether it is becoming the primary caregiver or settling on visitation rights.

Open Court

If an agreement can’t be reached, this matter may have to go to open court where a judge will ultimately decide on custody issues. While a custody attorney in Martinsburg, WV will try their best to avoid this, in the event this impasse has to go to court to be decided, a custody lawyer can represent their clients in these circumstances.

Assistance When Filing Paperwork

Regardless of how things work out, a custody attorney will also be helpful in making sure their clients understand and submit all the paperwork to finalize becoming the primary caregiver. The attorney can also help their client to file a petition to seek status as the primary caregiver. This paperwork can be quite significant and having legal advice on how to properly fill it out and who to submit it to is helpful.

Visit website domain to find a custody attorney who can also help when it comes to child support fees or if a parent wants to revisit past custody agreements or child support fees. In any event, if you are divorcing and you and your spouse have children that are still underage, it will be important to work with a child custody lawyer. With an issue as complicated and as messy as this has the potential to be, having legal representation is vital.

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