The Wisdom of Meeting with an Estate Planning Attorney in Green Bay, WI Now

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Lawyers

Estate planning is far too often viewed as something to do later in life when, in fact, it is never too soon to arrange a consultation with an estate planning attorney in Green Bay, WI. Here are some of the ways that attorney can help their client plan for the future.

Assessing the Current Estate

Everyone has an estate of some type. It may be just personal belongings, a car or truck, and some money in the bank. Even so, those are all things that will need to be passed on to someone when the owner passes away. An estate planning attorney in Green Bay, WI, will take a look at what the client currently owns and make suggestions on how to ensure everything ends up in the right hands. To take care of these basics, the attorney will often help the client prepare documents like a last will and testament, a legal power of attorney, and a medical power of attorney.

Setting Goals

The fact that someone doesn’t currently have many possessions does not mean that things will still be the same years from now. The attorney can talk with the client about taking small steps to build an estate now. This can mean putting together a practical household budget that makes it possible to begin funneling any surplus funds into a savings account. Ultimately, that account is augmented by investments that carry little risk. Helping the client set goals to buy a house or arranging some other element of the estate further ensures that there will be no squabbles about what to do with any belongings or assets when that person passes away.

Revising the Plan from Time to Time

Estate planning is not a task that is ever complete. As life circumstances change, some elements of the planning must be adjusted. An attorney can help at any stage of that process. In a best-case scenario, wills are updated to account for second marriages, the birth of grandchildren, or an unanticipated increase in wealth.

Anyone who wants to get started with estate planning today should call the Brabazon Law Office, LLC, and schedule a consultation today. Doing so will be the first step toward making sure the estate is arranged in an orderly fashion.

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