Tips For Drivers Who Need A Traffic Lawyer In Virginia Beach VA

Receiving a traffic citation can seem like an unfair or mere inconvenience. Drivers always have the legal right to contest a traffic ticket, but many don’t know how to do so. Below is a short guide on challenging a traffic citation.

Interactions with Officers

When a driver is stopped by a police officer, they should be polite and calm, but they should never claim responsibility or admit fault for the offense in question. If the ticket can be taken care of by mail, the officer will simply hand the driver a copy of the citation.

Alternatively, the driver can inform the officer that they intend to contest the citation, and from there, they can ask any questions they’d like. This strategy can work in a client’s favor, as many officers’ schedules’ don’t allow them to make frequent appearances in traffic court.

Follow the Instructions on the Ticket

Every traffic citation has a list of instructions for drivers who want to contest a ticket. It’s important for the client and their traffic lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA, to follow the guide. Most tickets provide information about where to contest the ticket. If the driver plans to contest the citation, they shouldn’t pay the fine, as in most cases, it is the same as admitting guilt.

Consider Hiring a Traffic Lawyer for Major Offenses

If a driver is facing significant charges or high fines, it may be in their best interest to hire a traffic lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA. These attorneys understand the intricacies of Virginia’ traffic laws, and they can use them to the client’s advantage. While paying a small fine is typically cheaper than hiring a lawyer, it’s a wise investment in more severe cases.

While most traffic cases are merely a hassle, some can have lasting consequences. Driving Defense Law handles traffic cases in the Virginia Beach area, and the team can take care of anything from a minor ticket to a DUI charge. Visit or call the office today to schedule a consultation with one of the area’s most experienced traffic attorneys

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