Tips for Handling False Divorce Accusations

A divorce is never easy. There are always going to be hurt feelings, which can lead to even more upsetting behavior. In some cases, it can escalate into accusations and threats. However, it is important not to make divorce assertions that are false in any way, as it can cause issues in the legal process. That means that you might lose out on property that is rightly yours. It could also lead to a parenting agreement that leaves you with limited time with your child.

If a false accusation is being used against you, it is essential that you have the help of a Chicago family law firm to prove your innocence. A lawyer can help you obtain and use evidence that proves the claims against you are not legitimate.

Some of the false claims that people have used in a divorce include the following:

  • That you have poor parenting skills
  • That you are hiding assets
  • That you struggle with alcohol or drug addiction
  • That you have engaged in domestic violence (physical, emotional, financial, sexual, or psychological)
  • That you spent joint money on an affair partner

Every situation is different, and your response to it will vary, as well. For instance, if your ex is claiming you are a drug addict, you can provide the results of a drug test. If it is argued that you are spending money on an affair partner, your financial records can show the real story. If you are accused of being a poor parent, you can provide testimony from those who know this to be untrue. This could be teachers, parents of the child’s friends, and other individuals who are around you and the child(ren).

The worst thing you can do is to lie to the court. If a claim is valid, it is better to take responsibility for it and do what is needed to rectify the problem. If you struggle with drug abuse, this might mean going into a treatment problem before having a parenting time agreement which offers you a significant amount of time with your child.

However, if a claim is untrue, you can fight it. You should speak up and explain the situation. This is another moment when having testimony from those close to you may help you get the best resolution possible.

There are a million things to worry about when going through a divorce and the last thing you need is untrue accusations. If you are looking for a Chicago family law firm to help you, consider Michael C. Craven at Divorce Lawyers Chicago. You can call 312-621-5234 or send a contact form through the website.

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