Tips on Hiring a Family Lawyer in Jefferson County, MO

When the average American finds that they need a family lawyer in Jefferson County, MO, it means that something crucial is happening within the family. Few families keep a lawyer on retainer. Whatever the reason for needing a lawyer, it is very important to the family and should be treated as such by their lawyer.

What Are Some of the Legal Issues a Family Lawyer Might Handle?

• Divorce and related issues such as the division of assets, child custody, visitation and support for the child or spouse.

• Cases involving the abuse and/or neglect of a child or senior.

• Paternity cases.

• Adoption and guardianship.

• Juvenile legal problems.

Tips on Hiring a Lawyer

It will take a little time and research, but it’s worth the effort.

• Decide what kind of lawyer is needed; many lawyers devote much of their practice to one area of the law.

• Ask everyone for recommendations, but remember that someone who normally handles criminal cases isn’t the lawyer to go to for a divorce.

• Contact the local bar associations and look online for lawyer referral services.

• Big firms may be the most expensive, but have the resources needed to handle a complex case. At a small firm, you’re more likely to have an experienced lawyer handling the case, rather than someone fresh out of law school.

• Prepare a list of questions, including the type of cases normally handled, the length of time practicing law, how many similar cases the lawyer has handled and the outcomes, any special training and who will be the point of contact.

• Ask about and understand how fees are charged. How much should the fee be for that type of case? Law firms don’t all bill alike.

• What is the most likely outcome of the case? No lawyer can guarantee a specific result, but should be able to give a “best guess.”

• Read the engagement letter thoroughly. This is the contract between you and the lawyer.

• A dissatisfied client has the right to fire their lawyer.

When you need an experienced family lawyer in Jefferson County, MO, contact the Wegmann Law Firm. This firm has been serving clients with a wide range of legal needs since 1947 and has always been an active member of the community. Call them now for an appointment to discuss your legal options.

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