Two Times When It Might Make Sense to Call an Insurance Claim Attorney in Gig Harbor

Most types of insurance are meant to be relied upon only rarely, a fact that helps keep premiums down. When the protection provided by insurance coverage is needed, though, insurers can find themselves facing payouts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

While many insurance claims end up being resolved to the satisfaction of all involved, some turn contentious. Getting in touch with an insurance claim attorney in Gig Harbor after problems arise will make it more likely that a suitable payment will be obtained.

Help with Virtually Any Type of Insurance Claim Dispute

Insurance companies generally try to cultivate reputations for being easy to work with. As a result, most will normally be obliging when presented with relatively small claims.

When the stakes rise much higher, though, resistance becomes a lot more common. Almost regardless of the type of insurance, the likelihood of a generous payout drops with every zero added to the claim. Some of the types of claims with which an insurance claim attorney in Gig Harbor can most often be helpful include those focusing on:

  • Homeowner’s insurance – The average price for homes in Gig Harbor today is about half a million dollars. When a house burns down or suffers even major damage, insurers often prove reluctant to foot the ensuing bill. Failing to obtain an appropriate payment under a homeowner’s insurance policy can leave a family facing financial devastation. Having a lawyer handle the matter will often be the best way to ensure a satisfactory resolution.
  • Life insurance – When a loved one passes away, problems of many kinds often follow. Responsible adults who try to protect their families with life insurance policies sometimes come up short through no fault of their own. There is a variety of excuses insurers can use to try to deny life insurance claims. Attorneys will almost always be more successful than others at fighting back against such tactics.

Many More Situations Where Lawyers Can Help with Insurance Claims

Contact us with the details of almost any insurance related dispute to find out whether legal representation might be merited. Insurance companies sometimes try to deny payments even to policyholders who are most deserving of them, but having the support of a lawyer will always help.

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