Types of Behavior on the Highway That Might Lead to Needing a Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA

Loitering in the left lane while traveling on a multi-lane highway is illegal in many states, including in Washington State. The behavior is a risk factor for accidents as other drivers try to get around this person by passing on the right and then darting back into the left lane. A Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA may become involved when someone has been seriously hurt in one of these accidents.

Washington State Patrol sometimes focuses on these drivers, who may be referred to as left-lane campers. If ticketed for the violation, the driver can expect to pay more than $130. The behavior is not a criminal offense in Washington, but it is a misdemeanor in a handful of states.

Left-Lane Loitering: A Common Problem

A common problem occurs when someone is moving faster than traffic to the right but won’t move over for someone to the rear who obviously wants to pass. The driver may not want to slow down to the right-lane speed, but doesn’t want to speed up to pass those vehicles quickly either. This may not be illegal, but it can be irritating to the drivers stuck in back. Legally, the drivers must yield to faster traffic coming from behind, even if they are already moving faster than the posted speed limit.

Hazardous Responses to Left-Lane Campers

Frustrated drivers may tailgate in an attempt to get the slow drivers to move over. The driver in front might become annoyed and hit the brakes. At highway speeds, this combination of behavior can cause a serious accident. The insurance companies of both drivers may try to deny claims, disputing who is most at fault. A Personal Injury Attorney in Bellingham WA may be necessary for sorting out this situation and convincing an insurer to pay reasonable compensation.

Road rage directed at drivers dawdling in the fast lane is another risk factor for a collision. It’s best if everyone remains patient when encountering someone lurking to the left who won’t move over. Determining who is most at fault in one of these collisions can be difficult. Either person may need representation by an organization such as Allen Law Firm. Find us on Facebook!

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