Using A DUI Lawyer in Nassau County To Fight Charges

Using A DUI Lawyer in Nassau County To Fight Charges

When someone is pulled over and accused of drinking under the influence, they will most likely end up needing to attend a court session to determine what their punishment will be for the incident. Having a good DUI Lawyer in Nassau County can make the difference in the amount of money one would need to pay in files as well as any jail time they would have to serve. Here are some steps to take when fighting a DUI charge.

The lawyer should be alerted about exactly how the stop by the police had happened. They will need to know if any tests were given to determine if the person was not able to drive properly as well as whether a breathalyzer was used during the incident. If the police failed to inform the person of their rights, or if the breathalyzer had been displaying problems, the charges may be lessened or dropped by the judge.

It is important for the accused to practice good citizenship habits while they are awaiting their trial. They should refrain from drinking any alcohol or going to establishments that serve it. Holding a job and doing actions that help the community will show that the person is a model citizen, possibly helping them get a lesser sentencing or fines when court happens. The person will most likely need to attend addiction counseling. These classes should be attended according to the schedule given by the court.

On the day of court, the accused should listen without blurting out answers or getting upset. This could look unfavorable to their case. It is best to wait until it is their turn to take the stand to speak their concerns about the matter. Their DUI lawyer in Nassau County will be able to help them prove they were not negligent at the time of the incident, perhaps getting charges dropped or decreased.

When someone needs a DUI Lawyer in Nassau County of their own, they can take a look at web pages online to find a reputable attorney. Mitchell M. Shapiro the DUI Attorney is one lawyer that works in these types of cases. Visit here for more information.

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