What Should Victims Do After Trucking Accidents in College Park?

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Lawyers

While any accident can be difficult to deal with, a trucking accident is particularly cumbersome because it can often cause more devastation than an accident involving two smaller vehicles. When a large truck and a smaller vehicle collide, the massive weight of the truck can cause substantial devastation. Those involved in trucking accidents are sometimes left to try and pick up the pieces of their lives and have no idea how to get help. It is imperative victims seek legal help after Trucking Accidents in College Park so they can be sure their rights are protected.

These steps should be taken after a truck accident:

  *     The police need to be called to the scene, no matter how minor or major the damages and injuries. The police will create an accident report which will include the personal information of both drivers and liability information based on the positioning of the vehicles and any eyewitness reports. It is vital the victim gives factual information and obtains a copy of the report.

  *     If there are any injuries, it may be wise to call an ambulance to ensure the injured are cared for. Life-threatening injuries are not always visible from the outside of the body. Victims need to be checked for internal bleeding and broken bones, so they are not in danger of serious internal damage. It is imperative victims inform the medical staff they were involved in an accident so it can be reported in their medical records.

  *     Both insurance companies need to be informed of any Trucking Accidents in College Park as soon as possible, so it is wise for a victim to first contact their own insurance company and then contact the other driver’s insurance to make sure the accident has been properly reported so the claim’s process can begin.

Many victims of Trucking Accidents in College Park find it beneficial to schedule a consultation with a lawyer, even if they do not foresee any problems in the process. A lawyer will advise an injured victim on their case worth and the right form of recourse to ensure they get a fair settlement. Contact the Jaklitsch Law Group right away, so you can schedule your appointment.

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