What to Do and Not Do After Arrests in Worcester County, MD

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Attorney

The most important thing a person can remember if they are arrested is that they have the right not to say anything. They also have the right to call an attorney. However, these are rights that can only protect someone if they use them. If a person is arrested, the absolute best thing they can do is to remain quiet until they have legal representation. Keep in mind, no two arrests in Worcester County, MD are going to be identical, but there are a few things to remember.

Don’t Ever Use Force

In virtually all situations of arrests in Worcester County, MD the person doesn’t have the right to resist. The person doesn’t even have the right to resist if the arrest is being made illegally. If the individual being arrested does use force, they may be charged with resisting arrest, battery on an officer, or something worse. The individual who is resisting may also be left with severe injuries. If a person is arrested with no probable cause, they should fight in court, not during the actual arrest process.

Invoke the Rights Allotted

Someone being arrested has rights. As mentioned before, they can remain silent, and they have the right to a lawyer. Once a person invokes their rights, it is best for them to remain quiet. Many people state that they wish to stay quiet and then begin talking and say something incriminating. Anything that is said can be used against the person arrested in court. While telling the police officer their name, address and birth date is fine, after that, nothing else should be said. Also, once arrested, don’t talk to the police or any friends or family members about the case. It is also unwise to speak to inmates about the case or situation.

Taking the time to learn what to do and what not after being arrested can ensure a person can protect their rights. It is always best to speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible after an arrest occurs. More information about the arrest process can be found at Domain. Being informed can help a person avoid more serious repercussions from their arrest situation.

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