What to Do When You’re Arrested for a DUI in Morgantown WV

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Lawyers

Although many people try to avoid driving under the influence, many don’t realize how little alcohol can lead to a DUI charge. They also may not realize that even if they’ve had one drink, a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) test that isn’t functioning correctly could say they are over the legal limit and they could be arrested for dui in Morgantown WV. No matter how much they actually had to drink, if a person is arrested and charged with a DUI they need to contact a lawyer immediately.

Arguing with the police is not going to change the outcome of the situation for the better. In fact, it could lead to more charges against the person. Instead, it’s a good idea to follow the officer’s directions and, if the person ends up arrested for dui in Morgantown WV, contact a lawyer as quickly as possible after the arrest. This is true even if the person doesn’t think they had too much to drink, or if they didn’t have anything to drink, as they’re not likely to change the officer’s mind. They’ll need to work with someone who can have the charges dismissed.

Not every DUI charge can be dismissed, but if the person didn’t have enough to drink to put them over the legal limit and the BAC test was faulty, the lawyer might be able to have the charges dismissed by working quickly. If a person contacts a lawyer immediately after they’re arrested for dui in Morgantown WV, the lawyer might be able to have their BAC tested again to prove the original test resulted in an error. If this is the case, a judge may be willing to drop the charges based on the new evidence.

Anyone who has been arrested for dui in Morgantown WV can benefit from talking to a lawyer as soon as possible after their arrest. Even if the charges cannot be dismissed, there’s a lot the lawyer can do to help minimize the penalties they are facing. Contact a lawyer today if you were arrested and charged with a DUI so you can get the help you need to get a better outcome for your case.

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