What to Submit to Your Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Lawyers

If you have recently been in an accident and have hired a personal injury lawyer, it is important to know what information you will need to submit to them in order to streamline the personal injury case. The faster you submit all of your documentation, the sooner that your attorney will be able to submit this information and help you receive the compensation that you deserve. Most Chicago injury lawyers will know what is required of you, but here are some of the most common pieces of documentation you will need to provide to your attorney.


There are quite a few documents that are needed in order to proceed with a personal injury case. The resolution can be speedy if you have the following documentation ready for your attorney.

  *  Insurance, vehicle, and driver’s license information
  *  Details of the accident such as date, time, location, weather conditions, drivers and passengers involved, and names of witnesses and accident reports filed
  *  Copies of traffic tickets that were written when the accident took place
  *  A report from your physician and any medical reports that are related to your accident
  *  Documentation of all medications, treatments, therapies, and other expenses
  *  Copies of all of the correspondence with your insurance company related to your accident
Any days, hours, or wages lost because of the accident

It is also very important to provide your personal injury attorney with all appointments, expenses, as well as all contact information from every party involved. If you spoke with the insurance companies, make sure you note the date and the time that you spoke with them as this will play a big role in the success of your case.

Attorney Costs

The cost of a personal injury lawyer can depend on how complex the case is, how long it takes to settle it, whether litigation should be pursued, and what size your settlement is. Many attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases work on contingency and do not charge a retainer. This is something you will want to confirm with your attorney before you make any financial arrangements. There may be other fees associated with the filing of your case so it is important to know this beforehand as well.

Having this documentation ready for your attorney will save you and your attorney a great deal of time. It will help streamline the entire legal process.

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