When to Call Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Fort Collins

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Lawyers

The time to call motorcycle accident lawyers in Fort Collins is as soon as possible after being hit while on a motorcycle. Experienced lawyers who will represent the interests of accident victims need to begin the process of building a case immediately after the accident has happened. It is important to interview possible witnesses while the accident is fresh in their minds. Measurements of any skid marks, noting the road conditions, noticing any environmental actors, and taking pictures of the scene are helpful tools when building a case. Those things have to be done quickly before evidence is removed or washed away.

The most common injuries suffered by those involved in motorcycle accidents are head injuries, physical disfigurement, back and neck injuries, and paralysis. Treatment for those injuries may go far beyond initial medical bills, as loss of wages, pain and suffering, retraining, long term care, and extensive treatment may also be needed in the future. Settling with an insurance company forfeits any future compensation, so do not deal with the insurance company, instead, hire experienced lawyers to protect your interests, deal with the insurance companies, and aggressively seek full compensation for any and all injuries. Most lawyers offer free consultations and will visit victims at the hospital or at their homes if necessary.

People should not hesitate to contact motorcycle accident lawyers in Fort Collins due to financial concerns. Experienced firms like Burton & Burton operate under a contingency fee, meaning that there are no charges for legal fees unless the case results in a settlement or judgment. Once the case is won, a certain percentage of the award is paid to the lawyer. It is wise to contact a lawyer even if injuries seem minor at first, because a review of medical records, police reports of the accident, and looking at the scene may indicate a more serious matter than originally presented. A minor strain in the back, for example, could turn into a major deterrent for a current job or future employment. Experienced lawyers know what types of injuries may be indicators of future issues, and they can help make sure current and future needs are met.

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