Why a DUI Defendant Will Need Attorneys in Burlington, VT

Why a DUI Defendant Will Need Attorneys in Burlington, VT

It is never okay to drink and drive, no matter what state or Commonwealth a person may live in, as the laws and advertisements constantly remind drivers. If a person is stopped and charged with drunk driving, they should realize there will be serious consequences on the horizon that may impact their life for a long time. There are attorneys in Burlington, VT who will represent defendants who must face the courts for a DUI or a DWI. The following are some facts that clients may benefit from knowing about drunk driving laws in Vermont.

Facts About Drunk Driving Laws in Vermont

As the national law is that a person is considered driving drunk when the blood alcohol content (BAC) level is .08 percent or more, Vermont enforces this law specifically and will prosecute those who are found in violation. The national average of those drivers who reported driving after having too much to drink was at one time 1.9 percent. By comparison, the average for those in Vermont who reported the same thing at that time was 1.8 percent. This is why Vermont has undertaken the task to seriously enforce the laws of drunk driving.

More Facts About Drunk Driving in Vermont

The laws in Vermont allow law enforcement officers to take away the driver’s license of individuals who fail the sobriety test or fail to surrender to a sobriety test. Those drivers who become repeat offenders will be subject to the ignition interlock device penalty, which will not allow them to drive if their breath reveals an alcohol content of .02 percent or more. Getting arrested for drunk driving may cost the offender the permanent loss of license, or even damage to his or her career.

An Attorney in Burlington, Vermont for Drunk Driving Cases

If those accused of drunk driving are fearful of losing their licenses or worse, they should contact an attorney. Jason J. Sawyer is an attorney with 15 years of experience in defending those charged with drunk driving and other criminal infractions. For anyone in need of attorneys in Burlington, VT, this attorney can be of help. Visit website for more information.

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