Why It’s Important to Hire a Work Injury Lawyer in Vermont

by | May 25, 2017 | Lawyers

Commercial truck drivers know just how difficult the job can be. From numerous hours spent on difficult roads to the physical toll on the body, truckers face many dangers every day. That is why a trucker who’s hurt on the job needs help from an experienced Work Injury Lawyer in Vermont. Below are several reasons to hire a lawyer after a trucking injury.

Hire a Worker’s Comp Lawyer after a Trucking-Related Injury

Competent legal guidance is important when filing a worker’s comp claim. Local law firms offer their clients the benefit of years of courtroom experience, which means that they can use previous case results to form a workable strategy for the claim. This is especially important when pursuing a claim against a trucking company that may be reluctant to take responsibility for an employee’s injuries.

Accidents are Common

Collisions and crashes are some of the greatest hazards faced by commercial truck drivers. Even a cautious driver may find himself or herself in a dangerous situation because of factors like distracted driving, broken equipment or faulty roads. Some companies put pressure on workers to maintain unreasonable schedules; this can result in fatigue and dangerous behaviors that increase risk. When a driver is hurt on the road, they can consult a worker’s comp lawyer for help and advice.

The Driver’s Health May be Jeopardized

Along with collisions, a driver may suffer from adverse health effects that arise from the job. For instance, some truckers encounter back problems and repetitive stress injuries because they spend so many hours behind the wheel. There’s also a chance that a driver can be hurt while lifting heavy items. Some injuries have long-lasting health effects, which underscores why it’s so important to consult a Work Injury Lawyer in Vermont as soon as possible after an accident happens.

Count on Local Lawyers for Competent Reputation

When a trucker is hurt on the job, they need an experienced, dedicated work injury law firm. For dependable representation and solid advice, clients can count on McVeigh Skiff LLP. Call today to set up an appointment or visit the website to get in touch with a representative from the firm.

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