Why You May Need to See a Parentage Attorney in Oceanside, CA

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Lawyers

In the days of old, there used to be a joke going around about a man complaining to the judge that he wasn’t the father of a child in question. The judge would retort, “that’s alright, feed him long enough, he will look like you.” Although that was a joking statement, the issue of paternity is a very serious thing for a lot of people, and they may need to get an attorney involved if paternity needs to be proved. A Parentage Attorney in Oceanside, CA helps clients who need to prove their biological relationship to a child.

Proving Parentage in California

A lot of times when a couple is divorcing and the issues of child custody come up, there may be a challenge as to whether or not the father is biologically the father. Paternity tests may be ordered by the court to verify the right of the father to have custody of the child or children. If both parties are fighting to keep custody of the child or children, the one whose biological relationship is in question should hire an attorney to help with proving the case.

More on Proving Parentage in California

Another way that parentage can be proved is through the child support system, which will verify the DNA of both parties to establish that they are the biological parents of the child. This will be useful if child support is ordered, but one of the parties, for example, the father, denies that he is the biological parent. If the DNA tests show that he is the father, then, of course, the child support can be enforced. To seek more ways to establish parentage, interested parties can hire an attorney.

A Law Firm for Parentage in California

If a person is interested in establishing parentage in California, many attorneys advertise themselves on websites. The Law Office of Cynthia Ann Harris helps clients with parentage issues in Oceanside, California and the surrounding areas. If a person is looking for a parentage attorney in Oceanside, CA, this law office is available. Contact us for more information today.

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