Why You May Want a Car Accident Lawyer in Huntington, WV

Car accidents are routinely a part of everyday life all across the United States. However, the outcomes of car accidents are not routine at all. Various people end up losing out in the incident. Sometimes, they lose out because it was determined they were at fault. Other times, they lose out because although they were not at fault, but they didn’t have proper representation to help them get what was rightfully theirs. A car accident lawyer in Huntington, WV represents clients on a regular basis and has tips on what potential clients should know about West Virginia law concerning car accidents.

Car accidents generally end up being ruled a personal injury situation for one or more parties involved in the accident, depending on the severity of the accident. As a personal injury claim, the injured party has a statute of limitations of two years. This means that if the injured party fails to file the lawsuit for the personal injury within the two-year time frame in the proper court of law, they will not be able to collect any compensatory damages.

In West Virginia, the law applies the “comparative fault” rule. This means that as long as the plaintiff is not found to be 50 percent or more at fault, they can still collect damages from the other party. The cap set on damages in a personal injury case is $250,000. It is critical that the person who has been injured in a car accident finds out exactly what the insurance company of the other party intends to do. If there is a possibility that any complications could arise, the injured party may want to hire a car accident lawyer.

Stapleton Law Offices has been providing legal services to residents in Huntington, West Virginia for several years. They represent clients in the areas of personal injury, divorce law, and bankruptcy law. They are skilled at successfully representing clients in those various areas of practice. Anyone looking for a car accident lawyer in Huntington, WV can visit their website and contact them.

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