Why Your Rights Are Important for a Criminal Lawyer in Cambridge, MD

Why Your Rights Are Important for a Criminal Lawyer in Cambridge, MD

Criminal lawyers defend the guilty and the innocent. While some people might wonder why a lawyer would ever take a case where the person is obviously guilty of the crime, it’s because a criminal lawyer in Cambridge, MD doesn’t work to help a guilty person go free. What they do is help make sure the person’s rights are upheld, even if it means someone who is guilty receives a not-guilty verdict.

An Example Case

A person is arrested and charged with homicide. There is a significant amount of evidence against them and the popular opinion is that they’re guilty. However, the evidence was not gained legally. The person might be innocent after all, but the significant amount of evidence leaves most people believing that person committed the crime.

Why the Admissibility of the Evidence Is Important

If the person doesn’t hire a lawyer, they will likely be found guilty because of all of the evidence against them. However, perhaps they’re innocent. If they hire a lawyer, their lawyer might be able to show the evidence was not legally obtained and, in fact, doesn’t prove they are guilty of the crime. The lawyer has the evidence suppressed and the person obtains a not-guilty verdict in court.

Why Rights Are Upheld Regardless of Guilt

If the person was guilty, the lack of legally obtained evidence could allow them to receive a not-guilty verdict. Although many people will say this isn’t fair and they should be found guilty, there is a reason that the evidence must be legally obtained and must be admissible in court to be used against them. There is a reason the lawyer will uphold the person’s rights every time, not just when they’re innocent. The reason is so the innocent do not have to go to jail for a crime they did not commit.

Every person has the right to a fair trial, and every person should receive a fair trial. Anyone who has been arrested can contact a criminal lawyer in Cambridge, MD and feel confident their rights will be upheld, no matter if they actually committed the crime or not. Take the time to visit the website of a lawyer now to learn more.

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