You’ll Probably Need a Tulsa Social Security Law Firm

You’ll Probably Need a Tulsa Social Security Law Firm

A Tulsa Social Security law firm can help take all the guesswork out of filing for disability. When a process isn’t completely understood, it’s much harder to get positive results. Far too many people attempting to file disability claims don’t use lawyers for their cases, which is a huge mistake that can lead to a higher chance of denial.

Hard Medical Evidence

A social security lawyer will know that a good deal of medical evidence is needed in order to file a successful disability claim. Unfortunately, some people who have disabilities might not have the medical evidence to back their claims. Perhaps they feel doctors can’t help them. Maybe they don’t have the money to receive treatment. Whatever the case may be, there are legitimate reasons why people don’t have hard evidence to back their claims. A lawyer can help their clients get on the right track so they have the evidence they need.


When a Tulsa Social Security law firm looks over a person’s case, they will want to know whether or not treatment recommendations were followed. Social security can deny claims when a person hasn’t followed recommended treatment protocols. Some people don’t follow treatment because they think it’s a waste of time. That’s a huge mistake that can come back to haunt them when filing a claim. Even if a treatment has been tried before and hasn’t worked, current treatment advice must be followed.

Understanding Success Rates

When it comes to initial filings for disability, only about 30% of claims are reviewed. Claims that are denied can be appealed. Understand that appeals can take years to go through the system. Talking matters over with a social security lawyer can help ensure a person has done everything possible to ensure that their initial claim has the best chance possible of being a success. Anyone filing a claim can visit a site like to get assistance.

Hiring a lawyer in order to have an advocate is a disabled person’s best course of action when starting the claims process. Without an advocate, it can be extremely difficult getting everything in order to have a successful disability claim.

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