Your Social Media Activity Might Lead To The Need For A Divorce Attorney In Cullman, AL

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Divorce Law

There are different causes of divorces. Unfaithfulness, abuse, neglect, growing apart, and finances are just some of the reasons couples get divorced. One contributing factor to divorce that is relatively recent is social media. A person could find themselves in need of a Divorce Attorney in Cullman AL because of how they are using social media or how their spouse is using online social platforms.

It Can Lead To Relationship Neglect

One of the problems with using too much social media is that it can lead to a person neglecting their personal relationships. They find themselves paying more attention to social media than they do their own partners. Days can turn into weeks. Weeks can turn into months. It’s easy to see how a relationship can erode because of too much social media. A person who is married has to remember to make time for their spouse.


A Divorce Attorney in Cullman AL might be contacted by a married person because of jealousy. What if an individual doesn’t like their spouse flirting online? While their spouse might be faithful, a person might think otherwise. Flirting on social media can lead to jealousy and fights. In some cases, a person might not even be flirting. Their spouse might just be jealous of the attention they are getting.

Private Arguments Made Public

A person might find themselves needing ONeal & Kilgo Attorneys at Law if social media leads to details of their marriage constantly becoming public knowledge. A married person who keeps going to social media to air personal problems in their relationship might be asking for trouble. They could say something online that they later regret. When things are posted online, people should assume they will be there forever. It’s usually wise for married couples to keep their business offline if they want fewer problems in their relationship.

Social media is relatively new but seems to be here to stay. Married couples have to understand how social media can affect them. If social media is becoming a problem in a marriage, the couple might need to seek therapy to find a resolution before a divorce becomes the only viable solution.

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