A Brief Overview Of Divorce Alimony In Florida

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

If you filed for divorce in Florida, you might have the ability to request alimony through the court. Not all people going through a divorce will be able to request alimony, and you will need to meet specific qualifications.

Divorce Alimony, which is sometimes called maintenance, comes in different forms. It is critical to work with a family and divorce attorney in the state to determine if you will be eligible. Do not assume that information in blogs or online articles is accurate, it is essential to work with an attorney specializing in divorce.

The Basics

Alimony is ordered by the court if one spouse has a financial disadvantage through the divorce and needs time to “get back on his or her feet.” It is not meant to punish a person in the divorce, and it is ordered based on several factors.

One factor the court will consider is the length of time of the marriage. This will be short (less than seven years), moderate (7-17 years) and long-term which is more than 17 years.

Most divorce alimony will be awarded for a short period of time that is determined by the court. It may just last during the separation, for a few months immediately after the divorce or to allow a spouse to have the financial means to retrain to enter the workforce.

There is also the possibility of permanent alimony, typically with the moderate to long-term marriages. This is a divorce alimony granted if the spouse with limited or no current income is unable to continue to live to the standards set during the marriage. This is often the case when a spouse has a disability or age prohibits retraining or education to allow them to return to work to be self-sufficient.

Ending Alimony

Most types of alimony will end if either the paying or the receiving spouse dies. Most also end if the receiving spouse remarries during the period of payment ordered by the court. It is important to discuss these issues with your divorce attorney prior to making an alimony request to the court.

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