Reviewing The Full Implications With A Domestic Violence Attorney In Green Bay, WI

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Lawyers

In Wisconsin, domestic violence cases are more complex as compared to some criminal infractions. Too often, these cases are connected to additional proceedings. The reason for this is the higher probability of domestic violence becoming the reason for a divorce. The following is an assessment of the full implications of these cases with a Domestic Violence Attorney in Green Bay WI.

Filing Formal Charges

The first step to the criminal and civil cases is to file formal charges against the defendant. For the defendant, their arrest is the start. It defines where they proceed and how they build their defense case. In the divorce case, the plaintiff can use these formal charges as a springboard for verifying their divorce grounds.

Protection Orders and Other Implications

In most domestic violence cases, the victim has the right to obtain a protection order. In criminal proceedings, any violation of these provisions leads to additional charges. The defendant is tried separately for each offense. They could face the full criminal penalty for each charge. This could equate to an extended sentence and an increase to a felony charge in some instances.

Connecting Divorce Cases

If the victim was the spouse, it is possible for them to acquire an extended protection order. Even if the defendant is convicted and serve their sentence, these court orders are still valid. The defendant will face further charges for an additional violation. In divorce cases, this could classify them as a risk to their children as well.

What Could Happen After a Conviction

If they are convicted, the divorce is granted based on these divorce terms. If the defendant is deemed a risk to their family, their former spouse could file a motion to terminate their parental rights based on the full term of their prison sentence.

In Wisconsin, domestic violence cases are often connected to civil cases such as divorces. They can lead to serious restrictions used to protect the victim. When this happens, the defendant faces more severe punishments. Criminal defendants that need help from a Domestic Violence Attorney in Green Bay WI can visit us website to acquire further information about these cases today.

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