A Disability Attorney Can Help Someone Obtain The Income They Need

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Legal Services

Filing for social security benefits requires a lot of paperwork and frustration for many individuals. The improper submission of paperwork or failure to meet deadlines could result in an immediate denial of benefits. A Disability Attorney has the knowledge and experience to pursue a claim for their client. When a disabled individual is unable to work, the importance of having a claim approved quickly becomes very important. Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability applicants are often denied when they apply for this type of assistance. It is very important when a denial occurs, they contact an experienced attorney to immediately file an appeal.

Chances of having a disability case approved are significantly increased with the help of an attorney. A Disability Attorney can present a case for approval in the best light possible. An attorney can offer advice on completing the alleged onset date of the disability. They can also review the listed impairments under the laws and help to focus on key points that are the most important to appeal the claim. Reconsideration of a denied claim will be held in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). There will be a variety of questions the ALJ will ask during the hearing, and the attorney can thoroughly prepare their client appropriately for these questions.

Some individuals attempt to navigate the system on their own and then panic when they’re denied. An attorney will not charge a fee to fight a disability case. They will only receive money if they win the disability case. There will be a fee of no more than 25% of the back pay received from the disability payments. When a disabled individual is terminal, homeless or their house is being foreclosed on, an attorney can request an on-the-record decision. This could result in the benefits being approved without a hearing.

When a disabled individual has already submitted their application, they should wait until they hear from social security until they contact an attorney. It’s important to hire an attorney that has extensive experience in disability cases.

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