A Matrimonial Lawyer in Commack, NY, Helps Clients Resolve Post-Divorce Legal Issues

A Matrimonial Lawyer in Commack, NY, Helps Clients Resolve Post-Divorce Legal Issues

Even after a divorce is final, the spouses may still face legal issues. A divorce is only the start of changes that can last a lifetime, and these changes can take years to resolve. Some of the most common divorce-related legal issues are listed below.

Post-Divorce Legal Issues

  • Modification of spousal support: Special circumstances may allow the modification of a spousal support order.
  • Relocation: Moving to another state can affect issues of child visitation and custody.
  • Property issues: The equitable distribution of property can take significant time, and items are often overlooked.
  • Estate issues: The distribution of property in the event of a spouse’s death may need to be re-evaluated after divorce. Wills and trusts are fluid documents, and may need updating to reflect one’s current wishes.
  • Remarriage: A former spouse’s remarriage can affect visitation, child support, and inheritance.

It’s possible for other issues to come up after a divorce. For example, if information surfaces on a joint business venture, parties and their matrimonial lawyer in Commack, NY, may need to review their options.

Can a Judge’s Ruling Be Modified?

After a divorce, spouses frequently ask about modifying alimony or spousal support orders. Support may change according to either spouse’s needs. For instance, if a person loses a job or gets a new one, the support amount may need an adjustment. Moreover, support can be cancelled or modified if the receiver remarries.

Similar changes may occur in matters of child support, custody, and visitation. Such issues are considered to be finalized with the divorce, but situations can change. Post-divorce changes and decisions can have a more significant outcome than an initial court ruling.

Needing a Lawyer for Issues Encountered After a Divorce

Issues encountered after a divorce usually require assistance from a family law attorney. Divorcing spouses should hire Divorce Lawyers LI if they find any issues or have any concerns after a divorce, especially if the other party has already hired a matrimonial lawyer in Commack, NY. A lawyer can advise the client on the best way to proceed, and they can offer legal counsel to resolve any issues.

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