Why an Injured Person Should Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Bronx, NY After an Accident

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Lawyers

Opportunities for injury present themselves on a regular basis. Walking into a store with a wet floor or falling on an ice-covered sidewalk can lead to injuries that are debilitating. It is even more frustrating when the injury is a result of negligence. If someone sustains an injury that is the fault of someone else, they may be due restitution to make up for any lost wages or medical bills that are incurred. In most situations the offending party will want to settle out of court without the aid of a personal injury lawyer in Bronx, NY. This may seem appealing at first, but could lead to lost money.

Here are a few things with which an attorney can help an injured party:

Future Medical Bills: an injury could create medical problems for many years into the future. Even though a patient may receive treatment that remedies the immediate issues, other health problems could present themselves. An attorney will have provisions in place to ensure that the injured person will have money for any needed medical treatments that may arise as a result of the initial accident.

Lump Sum Settlements: one of the hardest items to deal with after an injury is lost wages. Household bills can quickly add up, and if money isn’t coming in it can be a struggle to pay them. An attorney will be able to fight to get compensation for lost wages and any mental anguish the person experienced so paying bills don’t have to be a worry. Most will fight for a lump sum payment, so the person has access to any money they need to make ends meet.

Court Representation: if a case cannot be settled outside of court, then a personal injury lawyer in Bronx, NY will provide court representation. This includes compiling all required court documents and any evidence that should be presented to add credibility to the case. While most can be settled without involving the justice system, it is good to have help when navigating a court proceeding.

Don’t let someone else’s oversight create lifelong problems. Contact the Law Office of Ada R. Pretto, P.L.L.C. and learn more about the support they offer after a personal injury occurs. Their team of experienced attorneys can help anyone fight insurance companies and get the money they deserve. One phone call can help anyone put their life back on track.

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