A Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO Represents Clients Who Were Loitering in the Left Lane

Why do some drivers travel in the left lane when they’re not moving faster than traffic in the right lane? Many people don’t realize it, but the practice is illegal in most states, including Missouri. Loitering in the left lane is considered a safety hazard, and a driver can be issued a citation for this behavior. This person may want to hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO if this occurs. An organization such as Wegmann Law Firm is ready to help.

Why Slow Drivers Stay in the Left Lane

Drivers moving along at slower speeds, or the same speed, than drivers in lanes to the right may have a number of reasons to justify the action. For instance, they plan to exit the highway from the left and want to be in the left lane well ahead of time. They feel they have the right to drive in the left lane if they’re going the speed limit. They might be annoyed by speeding drivers and are attempting to stop this behavior.

Why It’s a Safety Hazard

Driving slowly in the left lane frustrates drivers trying to move faster and can lead to disruptive behavior. They move to the right when they have a chance, pass on the right and then dart back into the left lane. These actions increase the risk of an accident. Although law enforcement officials don’t excuse the bad behavior of irritated drivers, they view the slow drivers as the instigators.In addition, two vehicles moving along side by side at the same speed prevent anyone behind them from moving faster, which can block the progress of emergency responders.

Laws Regarding Left Lane Driving

Most states prohibit slow driving in the left lane. The laws typically state that drivers to the left must keep up with the “normal” speed of traffic there. This means moving at the general rate of speed in the left lane, even if it’s faster than the speed limit. Since the activity is illegal, just as speeding or running a red light is, a citation can be issued. The driver may want legal representation from a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Jefferson County MO. Visit our Google+ page for more details.

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