Domestic Violence Cases Handled By A Criminal Lawyer In Junction City, KS

Domestic Violence Cases Handled By A Criminal Lawyer In Junction City, KS

In Kansas, domestic violence is classified as the threat of bodily harm or committing bodily harm against an individual who lives in the same household. The classification applies to cases involving family members, romantic partners, and spouses. A Criminal Lawyer Junction City KS assists defendants who are facing the charges.

Reporting the Attack

Victims of domestic violence should call 911 if at all possible. The emergency services record all calls that come in and the information is used in some cases. If the victim cannot call immediately, they can contact the local police department from the hospital or come to the agency to file a report.

Collecting Evidence of Domestic Violence

The victim’s injuries are recorded in their medical records, and photographs are taken of bruises and related injuries. The evidence is used to show the jury the extent of the victim’s injuries. More severe or life-threatening injuries could increase the charge to attempted murder instead of just domestic violence.

Order of Protection

A protection order prohibits the aggressor from having any contact with the victim. If the aggressor violates the order, the victim notifies the police immediately, and the individual is arrested. The charges are applied separately from the domestic violence case and carry additional penalties. The order remains valid until the trial is over. However, the orders are extended if the victim remains in any danger. The orders also apply to children who are at risk of injuries, too.

What is the Penalty for Domestic Violence?

Defendants who are convicted of domestic violence receive a jail sentence of up to one year and a fine of $2,500. However, additional penalties are applied for each additional charge incurred by the defendant. More extreme injuries could warrant more substantial sentencing and fines.

In Kansas, domestic violence defines heinous crimes against household members and family. The classification applies to threats, physical abuse, and sexual assault. The court provides protection orders for victims of domestic violence, and certain programs offer relocation services for victims. Defendants who are facing the charges acquire help by contacting a Criminal Lawyer Junction City KS at the Oleen Law Firm, or they can visit the website now.

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