A Traffic Violations Lawyer in Hillsboro MO Helps Clients Keep Their Driving Record Cleaner

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Lawyers

A driver who receives a citation for a moving violation can either pay the fine or fight the citation in court. A Traffic Violations Lawyer in Hillsboro MO provides legal representation for individuals who do not feel they are knowledgeable enough to effectively represent themselves in front of a judge. Attorneys are often successful at having the citation reduced to a lesser offense or having it dismissed altogether. This means the person saves money, even when factoring in the traffic lawyer’s fee.

The Process

The attorney enters a plea of not guilty in this type of scenario by filing the necessary document. The contested citation then is addressed at a hearing, which the driver is advised to attend even if he or she has professional legal representation. Statistics indicate that traffic citations can generate a substantial amount of money for governments, as only about 5 percent of people who have issued a ticket decide to contest it.

A Traffic Violations Lawyer in Hillsboro MO uses various strategies to achieve a successful outcome for clients. Stating the person’s case to the judge in court can be efficient, if there is any reason to believe the driver should not have been cited. Failing to reduce the vehicle’s speed when the speed limit sign was hidden by leafy tree branches is an example.

Reasons for Contesting Citations

Individuals decide to contest traffic citations for reasons other than avoiding an expensive penalty. Some of them are only one traffic citation away from having their driver’s license suspended. Every citation issues a certain number of penalty points on the license, and too many points indicates that the driver needs to take a break. Other people drive for a living and risk losing their job if they receive a ticket for a moving violation, even if they were not working or using a company vehicle at the time. There’s also an additional financial aspect to consider. Points on the driver’s license can result in an increase in automotive insurance rates. For all these reasons, it can be advisable to hire an attorney with an organization such as Wegmann Law Firm.

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